Monday, July 28, 2008

Configuring TCP/IP

Configuring TCP/IP - Client side configuration.

IP Address - IP address is unique in a network. Each computer will have different IP address. IP address will somehow look something like this

Subnet mask - This allows Windows to determine the network and host addresses from the IP address. Subnet mask usually have different numbers when a larger network devided into few subnetwork. The default setting for subnet mask on a local network will look something like The 0 at the last number means that the ip address used on network have a unique numbers range from 0 to 254 can be used.

Default gateway - This will be the ip address of the router interface that connects the local network to external netwoks such as the internet. Type in the router ip address and you will be able to surf the internet without any error.

DNS (Domain Name System) - Normally the DNS server from internet will obtain the ip address of a website such as to so that the computer knows where to send or retrieve information packets from.