Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Enough with pendrive /thumbdrive virus!!

Ten steps to say goodbye to Pendrive Virus!!

Most of us nowadays face with tons of viruses. One of them is a pendrive or thumbdrive virus. Pendrive or thumbdrive virus will not actually duplicate itself into your computer on the first time you plug in the usb port. It is the time you double click on the drive you see on your 'my computer'. I normally will delete that virus myself because a antivirus are not 100% guarantee will help you remove that virus. Things to be do when you plug in a usb pendrive.

1. Goto 'start' and then 'run'.
2. Type in cmd in the box and click run.

3. Type in: cd\
4. Type in the drive name with (:) then press enter eg. f:
(You will see something like the picture on the right hand side.)

5. Type in attrib ( to see if any hidden or hidden system file).
* pendrive virus normally come with the autorun.inf and also the virus installer itself. The attribute of both file will be hidden or hidden system so that you cannot see it when open from 'my computer'.
6. Check for the word ' S H ' or 'S H R' in front. * that will probably is the virus file.

7. Unhide it with this command: attrib -s -h -r *.* (then enter)
8. Delete the virus file with its name such as: del *.inf
* it is to delete the autorun.inf which will launch the virus something.exe to install quietly when you double click the drive from "my computer".

9. If you are very sure about the virus name, just type in this command: del something.exe (then enter).
* it will delete the virus name something.exe.
10. Be sure to eject your pendrive and reconnect it again before you open your files on that pendrive.