Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How to record an audio from computer without wire

How to convert a movie file type into a music file type

A couple days ago, one of my friend asking me how to convert a movie file to a mp3. Another friend answer: "if you want to convert from a .fla movie file to a .mpeg, or from some other movie format to another, it's possible. But it's not possible to convert a movie file to a music type file such as mp3, wma, wav, or else".. Actually, i have a way to convert it easily.. Here is it:

1. Open up your volume control from the corner of taskbar.
2. It will pop up a dialog box something like this.

3. Goto "options" -> "Properties" -> select "recording" radio button.
4. Press on ok button

5. Select checkbox either on the stereo mixer or mono mixer depend on your own choice.
6. Launch your recording program (eg. Sound Forge, Adobe Audition, Gold Wav or any recording software)
7. Start press record on your program.
8. While recording, start your video which you want to save only the sound of that video.
9. After finish recording, stop your recording from your recording program.
10. That's it.... It's not very hard..