Monday, July 28, 2008

Major System Files in Windows

Major System Files in Widows.
Make sure this files and programs are there. Else, your windows won't function properly.

This file is used by MS-DOS and other operating system at startup. for this file, it does not have to be present, if it is, the commands in this file will be used when the computer goes through startup process. It contains the instruction lines to run any programs automatically at startup for example, or myprograme.exe. It will run during the boot process and also can be run any other time when you call out autoexec at the MS-DOS prompt. For mordern operating system, IO.SYS are used.

This is a hidden system file in the root directory of the primary partition. It has the menu which appears each time the PC is started. Like some computer which two operating system, it enable us to choose which is the operating system we want to use. If the user does not react within 30 seconds and the PC will automatically boot to the default OS.BOOT.INI. It can be accessed using notepad but for better way of controlling options for the startup menu is through the System Properties in start> Control Panel.

This command-line processor interprets commands from user. We can change any settings or do some of copy and paste, edit, and many more routine from here.

This file is used by MS-DOS with AUTOEXEC.BAT and other operating system at startup. It can only be run during the boot process of PC. It may not be present but if it does, the commands inside this file will be used when the computer goes through the startup process. It normally contains the instructions to load device drivers( for example CD-ROM drive, Sound card driver).

For Windows 9X system, this file replaced the three main DOS files which is MSDOS.SYS, CONFIG.SYS, and alsl AUTOEXEC.BAT. it is then replaced by NTLDR for Windows XP and also Windows 2000. So you won't find this file running under Windows XP and Windows 2000.

This program is the controller for software interaction with MS-DOS kernel. Older system, programes, or games which need the use of MS-DOS to load will need MSDOS.SYS. However, for newer programes or systems, normally they don't need this file to load the programe. This is also one of the files needed to boot MS-DOS.

This files will loads the GUI(Graphic User Interface) for Windows 9X by loading this three files: KRNL32.DLL, GDI.EXE and also USER.EXE. This three file must not be deleted or your computer windows will stop function and need to be formated.