Thursday, July 3, 2008

Simple tricks to free up your ram

Very Simple tricks to free up your ram..
by unload some startup programs

Sometimes, we feel that the computer starts getting slower, there are several possibilities. One of them is the computer is running too many programs. "I didn't run any program".. is normally people will answer. Why it happen? it is because you have installed lots of programs.. So how to solve that problem? Here are some simple steps...

1. First, open up run from start menu..
2. Type in 'msconfig' into the text box. (As shown in the picture on the right)

3. A dialog box will appear and there will be 7 tabs on it (general, system.ini, win.ini, boot.ini, services, startup, and tools.
4. Select the startup tabs.

5. Click on the 'Disable all' button below and click on apply.
6. Then, Click on ok.

7. A dialog box will popup (Something like the right picture), asking weathere you are going to restart now or later. Just click restart now and your computer will reboot.
8. This time, your startup program should be fewer, and along with this, you will have more extra memory to use for other programs. Your computer will then run faster..
9. After reboot, a dialog box name "System configuration Utility" will pop up and give you a notice about you've change your startup settings. Just click on "Don't show this message or launch the windows system configuration utility when widows start" and press ok.
10. That's it..