Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Types of Networks

Types of Networks
1. Peer-to-Peer

Computer works as servers and clients in sharing resources and using resources.

a. Easy to set up
b. Inexpensive

c. Additional computers or software packages are not required
d. local cont
rol of resources is maintained by each individual themself.
e. no specific staff is required to maintain the network.
f. each individ
ual computer are not dependent on the functional of central computer.

a. Network security weak and limited to only password protection
b. users might have to remembe
r multiple password for each shared resources.
c. It is difficult and time-consuming to backup data from many different computer.
d. very easily get poor performance if the load of network sharing is too high.
e. There is lack of a central or
ganizational policies and scheme. Each users have to seek by themself for data from each different computer.

2. Server-Based

Provide centralized control of network resources rely on the server computer. The server provide security and network administration.

a. Security is centrally controlled by the server computer.
b. Simplified administration for large numbers of accounts and network.
c. Optimized and faster access to files/ resources.
d. Protecting data through backups are easier.
e. User have to only remember one password to access the network resources.

a. The hardware and software of server-based computer are more expensive.
b. Additional and technical administrator stuff required to maintain network.
c. If the server fails, the entire network will unable to function properly.