Friday, July 11, 2008

Useful software

Useful Software
Video editing
1. Windows Movie maker
Useful for beginners till Advance.. the graphic user interface is user friendly and easy to work with video editing, enhancing video, adding wording into it and so on...

2. Adobe after effect
Useful for Intermediate to advance user. It have the ability to add some video effect using masking technique. It also can add extra sound or effect such as smoke, haze, or even power shooting effect. Try it out and you will like it.. Able to boost your creativity and editing skills..

3. Ulead video studio
Ulead video studio is a well known editing software. It has the ability to edit a full length video and also adding some effect into it. The rendering of software when you are done editing is good and can produce a high res video and also sound.

Sound editing
1. Adobe audition
Adobe audition is a software you can use for editing music sound. You can even produce your own music using it. It has the layer-type arrangement which can give you the power to record sound layer by layer (just like what those pro usually do in studio). Other than that, you can use to reduce noise, make the sound amplitude higher and many more. You also can use it to make sound for a video and merge it from adobe audition.

2. Sound forge
Sound forge has the power almost same as adobe audition. But it interface is slightly different. Sound forge also a powerful tool which let you edit your sound wav, mp3 and many more.

3. Gold wav
Gold wav slightly same as sound forge and adobe audition, but its functions not as good as sound forge and adobe audition. If you like to make your life simple and only do some simple wav editing, i recommend this.

Graphic editing
1. Adobe Photoshop
Adobe photoshop always use by pro to edit a photo or coloring. You are able to create a extra big photo from adobe photoshop and also a very dense resolution. This enable you to create a very nice photo. Other than that, it also can fix photo easily using the tools provided. If you are curious to add effect into your photo, this is the software.

2. Corel painter
Corel painter can be use to add color to your drawings easily. It is very useful for a artist to color their work nicely and digitally.