Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wow, i saw another RSS/XML button

Yet another RSS/XML button

I think we all would first wondering what RSS can do? and should we use it?Here's some comment and information about RSS.

1. RSS is Really Simple Syndication.

2. RSS is a family of web feed. It helps us to collect data we want from a few certain web site.

3. We can organize our RSS with feed readers.

4. Some popular feed readers include :
a) Amphetadesk for Windows, Linux, Mac
b) FeedReader for Windows
c) NewsGator for Windows and integrates with Outlook

5. There are also web-based feed readers available for us:
a) My Yahoo
b) Bloglines
c) Google Reader

6. Why we should use it?
a) there are free feed readers available
b) easily stay informed with information we want to know
c) safe time from browsing through pages from a web site.
d) ensure your own privacy by protect a web to directly trace you as reader