Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Automate Check for pendrive suspicious virus files

Automate Check for Pendrive suspicious Virus Files

.ahk Code:

1. This is a text file reside on drive C:\chkpendrive\chk.txt
2. Install autohotkey and select load this script from c:\chkpendrive\chk.txt
3. Also create a file called drivelist.txt in c:\chkpendrive folder
inside the drivelist.txt, type in

4. This means that it will check for drive c, d, e, f and g for suspicious virus file which is autorun.inf
5. If found, it will automatically unhide that autorun.inf file and also disable its function
6. autorun.inf is a dangerous file where it will load another virus file such as virus.exe, virus.bat or something like this to automatically install it without you noticing it.
7. Ensure you always eject pendrive if there is a popup saying autorun.inf is found.
8. Then only plugg in again. And now you can open your pendrive without any worry anymore.