Thursday, August 21, 2008

What should i do when my computer hangs?

Oh no, my computer hangs again

Calm down, there are several methods you can do to solve this problem.

1. pressing ctrl+alt+del to end task (Free up memory) - from task manager
a. Click on the processes tab on the top..
b. What program should i end task?
-Any image name run under your User Name (Example here is Administrator) can be terminated. (The more you terminate, the memory you free up- so it can run more faster and prevent hang)
*Caution: PLEASE DON'T END PROCESS FOR EXPLORER.EXE (it is the skin of your windows, if you're sure how to load it again then only you can end it and reload it from the file menu)

2. press restart button/ shutdown button on your computer
a. press the restart button once to restart your computer
b. or Press the power button about 3 seconds to shut down your computer.
-let it cool down first (about 3 seconds) and then only power up again your computer to use.