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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Using Fing to Discover network on LAN with Raspberry PI

Fing is a very handy tools to discover hosts on network. Here's how to install it on your raspberry pi.
1. Download the deb (raspberry PI) from Overlooksoft.com. Type in command into console.
wget http://www.overlooksoft.com/packages/download?plat=arm -O fing.deb
2. Install it
sudo dpkg -i fing.deb

3. Use it
a) Discover infinite rounds
sudo fing
b) Discover certain range with 1 round
sudo fing -d -r 1
( -d Means discovery network from till & -r means round)
c) Scan for services
sudo fing -s
d) Scan for services from a domain
sudo fing -s www.example.com
e) Scan for services from a domain with certain port
sudo fing -s www.example.com/80
f) Output the scanned result (Output to text log and on network.txt file)
sudo fing -h host -o text, network.txt