Saturday, May 4, 2013

Using Fing to Discover network on LAN with Raspberry PI

Fing is a very handy tools to discover hosts on network. Here's how to install it on your raspberry pi.
1. Download the deb (raspberry PI) from Type in command into console.
wget -O fing.deb
2. Install it
sudo dpkg -i fing.deb

3. Use it
a) Discover infinite rounds
sudo fing
b) Discover certain range with 1 round
sudo fing -d -r 1
( -d Means discovery network from till & -r means round)
c) Scan for services
sudo fing -s
d) Scan for services from a domain
sudo fing -s
e) Scan for services from a domain with certain port
sudo fing -s
f) Output the scanned result (Output to text log and on network.txt file)
sudo fing -h host -o text, network.txt


Anonymous said... means from to (The whole subnet)